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This workshop discusses health from the scale of a single tree, to the scale of the landscape. The various stresses placed on these systems are reviewed, and the actions that a forest manager or woodlot owner can take to maximize forest health are explored.

  • Date Published 2000
  • Author EOMF

 Eastern Ontario forest health review of plant health, forestry surveys, invasive plants and collaborative surveillance.

  • Date Published November 2018
  • Author Thierry PoirĂ© and Erin Appleton

This brochure examines the opportunities for market access and economic return from a sustainably managed forest.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author EOMF

This book will help those landowners who have decided to plant trees and want to know what species is best suited to their site.

  • Date Published 2004
  • Author EOMF, FFC, FGCA

Community Experiences in Urban Forestry brings attention to some of the critical issues in our urban forest ecosystems and, more importantly, highlights some of the many community successes in responding to these issues.

  • Date Published July 2007
  • Author EOMF

This report summarizes recommendations to assist in the development of a framework for the incorporation of sustainable forestry concepts into continuing education programs for forest resource managers in the Eastern Ontario Model Forest.

  • Date Published 1995
  • Author Clarence Coons

This report documents the present day abundance and distribution of pitch pine in Leeds County.
  • Date Published 2001
  • Author Dendron

Presented at the 2019 Winter Woodlot Conference.

  • Date Published February 22, 2019
  • Author John Gulland

Presented at the Lanark & District OWA's Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Date Published April 2017
  • Author EOMF

This manual provides the information necessary to implement a Forest Stewardship Council certificate for Sustainable Forestry Certification.

  • Date Published 2014
  • Author Scott Davis

This booklet is intended as a tool to assist landowners in enhancing species at risk habitat.

  • Date Published 2009
  • Author EOMF

Report on a survey of Canadian farmers and ranchers to look at issues surrounding the stewardship of Canadian agricultural lands in general and of ecological goods and services in particular.

  • Date Published 2006
  • Author Environics Research Group
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