Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship provides an opportunity for businesses, companies and government agencies to support EOMF Programs and raise their social and environmental profile. EOMF programs help to build healthy and sustainable ecosystems. These include: Forest Certification, Regional Forest Health Network, Community Forest Carbon Offsets and forestry Education and Awareness. Our staff look forward to working with you to address your specific social, environmental and marketing interests. We offer sponsors several ways to be recognized for their support, these include:

  • Recognition through Media Releases;
  • Recognition on Social media platforms;
  • Recognition on website related to your specific Program interest;
  • Recognition in monthly E-News (over 700 supporters);
  • Photo opportunity events;
  • Signature event sponsorship;
  • Recognition on website homepage.
  • Recognition in EOMF flyers, brochures and banners

For more information and to discuss your interests, please contact Astrid Nielsen, General Manager at 613-258-6587 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.