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This presentation provides an overview of the Regional Forest health Network, it's origins, membership, accomplishments and what the Network will be working on in the near future. 

  • Date Published June 2019
  • Author Jim McCready
  • Date Published November 2018
  • Author Paul Hetzler, Cornell Cooperative Extension of St Lawrence County

This paper explores the rights and responsibility related to the movement of emerald ash borer.

  • Date Published unknown
  • Author R. David

Presented at the 2018 Winter Woodlot Conference

  • Date Published 2018
  • Author EOMF

Presented at the 2018 Winter Woodlot Conference

  • Date Published 2018
  • Author Warren Mabee

A summary of the findings showed that in terms of governance challenges, landowners are concerned with leadership and coordination of forest management planning on woodlots, seeming lack of government interest in woodlots and urban forests, poor economic returns on woodlots and distance to physical participation in MF activities. These notwithstanding, majority of participants recognized the EOMF as an important organization for promoting governance for the sustainable management of woodlots. Specifically, the EOMF offered the opportunity for landowners with diverse motivations for owning and managing forests to be brought together and to explore and opportunities for achieving these motivations.

  • Date Published June 2019
  • Author John Boakye-Danquah

Presented at the 2018 Christmas Forest Seminar

  • Date Published December 12, 2018
  • Author Geneviève Mercier
    Senior Environmental Strategy and Programs Officer

Presentation given at the 2019 Annual EOMF-CIF December Seminar

  • Date Published Dec. 11, 2019
  • Author Martin Streit
  • Date Published February 2017
  • Author Eric Boysen, New Leaf Forest Services
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