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This booklet is intended as a tool to assist landowners in enhancing species at risk habitat.

  • Date Published 2009
  • Author EOMF

Report on a survey of Canadian farmers and ranchers to look at issues surrounding the stewardship of Canadian agricultural lands in general and of ecological goods and services in particular.

  • Date Published 2006
  • Author Environics Research Group
  • Date Published Jan 2019
  • Author EOMF
  • Date Published February 22, 2019
  • Author Cheyene Brunet, South Nation Conservation

This report describes the survey and it's results to determine interest and participation in afforestation activities in Ontario.

  • Date Published 2003
  • Author Hardy Stevenson and Associates

Presented at the Eastern Ontario Model Forest's AGM 2017

  • Date Published June 2017
  • Author Jamie MacKinnon, Bluesource
  • Date Published June 2017
  • Author Rob Keen - Forest Ontario

Chain of Custody is the path taken by raw materials, processed materials and products, from a certified forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. It provides an opportunity for forest product producers to become certified to the internationally recognized standards for responsible forest management developed by the FSC.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author EOMF

Forest Certification uses third-party auditors to ensure that forest managers, practitioners, and operators comply with established standards for sustainable forest management.

  • Date Published 2010
  • Author EOMF

Examines EAB strategy, ash tree removal, forest tent caterpillar, linden aphid and the Ottawa tornado.

  • Date Published Novevmber 2018
  • Author City of Ottawa

The report is a preliminary investigation of the original forest cover of the eastern Ontario area, and is the first step in providing the foundation for any restoration activities.

  • Date Published Jan 1993
  • Author Cathy Keddy

This guidebook is a general overview of certification for Ontario’s forest landowners, consultants, and forest managers who are interested in better understanding the intricacies of a process that on the surface can be somewhat intimidating.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author EOMF
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