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This report documents a study on habitat parameters affecting songbird diversity in 30-40-year-old red pine plantation in eastern Ontario.

  • Date Published 1996
  • Author Dale Kristensen
  • Date Published November 2018
  • Author City of Ottawa

Biodiversity and Your Eastern Ontario Woodlot is a series of Extension Notes discussing native biodiversity within the woodland communities.

  • Date Published 2006
  • Author D. Bland, P. Neave, S. Hamill, a. VanDyke, C. Nielsen

This report will assist landowners to become more aware of biodiversity, provide a tool to help modify management and assess success of their management activities.

  • Date Published 2001
  • Author Stewart Hamill

Presented at the SOCWG Meeting on April 6 2017

  • Date Published April 2017
  • Author Jamie MacKinnon, Bluesource

This report analyzes the long-term strategy for forest certification as a tool for private landowners

  • Date Published January 2003
  • Author Harrison, Davis, Peachey

This presentation, along with a primer on biodiversity, are a set of natural indicators -- plants and animals -- whose presence you can track over time. By following these indicators over time, you'll be able to measure the health and diversity of your woodlot.

  • Date Published 2000
  • Author EOMF
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