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An examination of Eastern Ontario's legacy and commitment to forest sustainability.

  • Date Published 1999
  • Author Patti Story
  • Date Published December 12, 2018
  • Author Michael Rosen, R.P.F
    President - Tree Canada

A PowerPoint presentation on Naturalized Knowledge Systems

  • Date Published 1997
  • Author H. Lickers

Emerging invasive forest pests workshop

  • Date Published January 2019
  • Author Kelsey McLaughlin, DEC Oak Wilt Program

A provincial update on 2018 major forest disturbances and monitoring data.

2018 Projects: beech leaf disease, nitidulid beetle trapping, walnut twig beetle trapping, EAB parasitoid release and Asian long-horned beetle

  • Date Published November 2018
  • Author Government of Ontario

Presented at the 2018 Christmas Forest Seminar

  • Date Published December 12, 2018
  • Author City of Ottawa

First Nations' approaches toward environmental stewardship have always been based upon partnership and a sense of belonging within the natural environment. This article the addressed the cornerstone of traditional community relationships.

  • Date Published 1997
  • Author P. Story, H. Lickers

L’arrivée inévitable de l’agrile du frêne constitue un défi intimidant pour de nombreux propriétaires de boisés en Ontario.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author M Streit, T. Scarr, L. Farintosh

This factsheet describes the ash forests of Ontario and discusses the emerald ash borer.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author M. Streit, T. Scarr, L. Farintosh

Five stories from private woodlot owners and their journey to certification.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author EOMF
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