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Biodiversity and Your Eastern Ontario Woodlot is a series of Extension Notes discussing native biodiversity within the woodland communities.

  • Date Published 2006
  • Author D. Bland, P. Neave, S. Hamill, a. VanDyke, C. Nielsen

This report will assist landowners to become more aware of biodiversity, provide a tool to help modify management and assess success of their management activities.

  • Date Published 2001
  • Author Stewart Hamill

Presented at the SOCWG Meeting on April 6 2017

  • Date Published April 2017
  • Author Jamie MacKinnon, Bluesource
  • Date Published February 2021
  • Author Bruce County Forest

This report analyzes the long-term strategy for forest certification as a tool for private landowners

  • Date Published January 2003
  • Author Harrison, Davis, Peachey

This presentation, along with a primer on biodiversity, are a set of natural indicators -- plants and animals -- whose presence you can track over time. By following these indicators over time, you'll be able to measure the health and diversity of your woodlot.

  • Date Published 2000
  • Author EOMF

This workshop, a series of seven modules, covers a wide range of topics pertaining to private woodlot management, and specifically to managing conifer plantations.


  1. Introduction to Plantation Management
  2. Managing Your Plantation
  3. Forest Operations
  4. Timber Sales and Marketing
  5. Biodiversity and Wildlife Values
  6. Plantation Problems
  7. Restoring Your Plantation
  • Date Published 2000
  • Author EOMF

This workshop describes various definitions of the term, and outlines some of the structural and functional characteristics that characterize old-growth forests.

  • Date Published 2000
  • Author EOMF

This presentation discusses the effects of the ice on trees, focusing on residential, landscape, and street trees. It covers clean-up and maintenance techniques to encourage recovery and growth.

  • Date Published 2003
  • Author EOMF

The three-part Invasive Species workshop breaks down invasive and exotic threats, their pathways to introduction, and the potential costs. Invasive plants, insects and diseases ae addressed.

  • Date Published 2003
  • Author EOMF

This presentation gives a broad overview of the components of a lake plan, and the exercise in creating it.

  • Date Published 2000
  • Author French Planning Services

This workshop explains the role healthy shorelines play in the ecosystem, and what you, as a landowner, can do to make sure your shoreline is healthy and doing its job.

  • Date Published 2000
  • Author EOMF
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