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Presented at the 2018 Christmas Forest Seminar

  • Date Published December 12, 2018
  • Author City of Ottawa

First Nations' approaches toward environmental stewardship have always been based upon partnership and a sense of belonging within the natural environment. This article the addressed the cornerstone of traditional community relationships.

  • Date Published 1997
  • Author P. Story, H. Lickers
  • Date Published November 2019
  • Author Bluesource

Prefabrication in Timber Construction - Presentation given by M. Mohammad, P.Eng, PhD

  • Date Published Dec. 11, 2019
  • Author M. Mohammad

L’arrivée inévitable de l’agrile du frêne constitue un défi intimidant pour de nombreux propriétaires de boisés en Ontario.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author M Streit, T. Scarr, L. Farintosh

This factsheet describes the ash forests of Ontario and discusses the emerald ash borer.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author M. Streit, T. Scarr, L. Farintosh

Five stories from private woodlot owners and their journey to certification.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author EOMF

Profiles of the 7 certified community forests of eastern Ontario, examining the management of each forest.

  • Date Published 2012
  • Author EOMF

Presented at the 2017 Winter Woodlot Conference

  • Date Published February 2017
  • Author Dom Ferland Management Biologist Kemptville District - MNRF

The purpose of this report is to summarize how forests impact water quantity and quality.

  • Date Published 2005
  • Author M. Rowsell
  • Date Published February 2021
  • Author Quinte Conservation

The purpose of these standards is to provide forest managers with information on the aspects of forest management operations that Rainforest Alliance evaluates to make certification decisions in the Forest Stewardship Council certification system.

  • Date Published 2010
  • Author Rainforest Alliance
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