CFIA Forest Pest Survey Update - Annual Pest Review By Erin Bullas-Appleton, Plant Health Survey Biologist January 13, 2021

Asian Longhorned Beetle - English

Posted: Tuesday, 05 January 2021
The Asian Longhorned Beetle  (Anoplophora glapripennis)  or ALHB is an invasive wood-boring beetle native to China and Korea. It infects and kills numerous hardwood species, especially maples. Learn more about the ALHB, Trees at risk, impacts, life cycle and What to Look for in this Fact Sheet.

EOMF/CIF December Forest Seminar

Posted: Tuesday, 15 December 2020
Download  the Presentations from the December 2020 EOMF/CIF Seminar Carbon Offset Projects on Private Forests - How It Works & Status Report by Malcolm Cockwell, Managing Director, Haliburton A Quick Overview of Climate Change and Related CFS Tools for Forest Adaptation by Dan McKenney, Research scientistand John Pedlar, Biologist, Canadian Forest Missed the 2020 EOMF/CIF Seminar? It's now available online here.
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