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This report documents a study on habitat parameters affecting songbird diversity in 30-40-year-old red pine plantation in eastern Ontario.

  • Date Published 1996
  • Author Dale Kristensen
  • Date Published November 2018
  • Author City of Ottawa

The Asian Longhorned Beetle  (Anoplophora glapripennis)  or ALHB is an invasive wood-boring beetle native to China and Korea. It infects and kills numerous hardwood species, especially maples. Learn more about the ALHB, Trees at risk, impacts, life cycle and What to Look for in this Fact Sheet.

  • Date Published Dec. 2020
  • Author EOMF and Invasive Species Centre

Presented at the 2019 Annual EOMF-CIF December Seminar

  • Date Published Dec. 11, 2019
  • Author Alex Nott

Biodiversity and Your Eastern Ontario Woodlot is a series of Extension Notes discussing native biodiversity within the woodland communities.

  • Date Published 2006
  • Author D. Bland, P. Neave, S. Hamill, a. VanDyke, C. Nielsen

This report will assist landowners to become more aware of biodiversity, provide a tool to help modify management and assess success of their management activities.

  • Date Published 2001
  • Author Stewart Hamill
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