A review of the available literature about the effectiveness of buffer strips for the maintenance and enhancement of riparian ecosystems.

  • Date Published 2002
  • Author Brian Hickey, Bruce Doran

A guide for those who require a detailed inventory of their woodlot to develop a woodlot management plan.

  • Date Published 1997
  • Author EOMF

This report documents a study on habitat parameters affecting songbird diversity in 30-40-year-old red pine plantation in eastern Ontario.

  • Date Published 1996
  • Author Dale Kristensen

This book will help those landowners who have decided to plant trees and want to know what species is best suited to their site.

  • Date Published 2004
  • Author EOMF, FFC, FGCA

This report documents the present day abundance and distribution of pitch pine in Leeds County.
  • Date Published 2001
  • Author Dendron

This booklet is intended as a tool to assist landowners in enhancing species at risk habitat.

  • Date Published 2009
  • Author EOMF

Report on a survey of Canadian farmers and ranchers to look at issues surrounding the stewardship of Canadian agricultural lands in general and of ecological goods and services in particular.

  • Date Published 2006
  • Author Environics Research Group
  • Date Published Jan 2019
  • Author EOMF

This report describes the survey and it's results to determine interest and participation in afforestation activities in Ontario.

  • Date Published 2003
  • Author Hardy Stevenson and Associates

Through a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews this paper assesses the interests of private landowners, and program and policy professionals, for a range of ecosystem services governance mechanisms.

  • Date Published 2015
  • Author Elizabeth Holmes

The implications of Domtar's indefinite closure of the Cornwall pulp and paper mill extended well beyond the boundaries of the City of Cornwall. A group of partners with a long history of working together recognized the need to understand the situation more precisely and to take action to either mitigate or help shape the changes unfolding in the broader community.

  • Date Published 2005
  • Author S. Lawn

The purpose of this report is to summarize how forests impact water quantity and quality.

  • Date Published 2005
  • Author M. Rowsell

This report provides a clear and concise synopsis of what is being done regarding provision of ecological goods and services on private lands in Canada.

  • Date Published 2009
  • Author Canadian Model Forest