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Thursday, 23 July 2020 20:24

EOMF Awards

Forestry excellence and volunteerism have long been corner stones to the foundation of the Model Forest.

In recognition of this, the Model Forest established two awards the “Ross Silversides” and the “Heartwood”.

The Ross Silversides Forestry Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the vision of sustainable forestry.  This award is named in honour of Ross Silversides, a founding member of the Model Forest and distinguished forestry professional. Ross’ forestry career spanned five plus decades and included work in the private section, provincial and federal governments, and international consultancy.  His dedication and passion to research development, knowledge transfer and professionalism was renowned and recognized throughout Canada and around the world.  

The Heartwood Award is presented in recognition of an individual or group who has made an exceptional volunteer contribution to the Model Forest.

We grateful to all the award recipients for their willingness to share their expertise, time, and passion as we strive towards our vision, “A Forest for Seven Generations”.

The Ross Silversides Forestry Award Recipients

1993, C. Ross Silversides, Maitland (Honorary)

1994, Bess Silversides, Maitland, (Honorary)

1994, Ernest M. Kaientaronkwen Benedict, Akwesasne

1995, Teharonianeken, Chief Jake Swamp, Akwesasne,

1996, Ewan Caldwell, Rockcliffe Park

1996, Ferdinand LaRose, Bourget

1996, Françoise LaBelle, St. Bruno Quebec (Honorary)

1998, Sandra S. Lawn, Prescott

1999, William K. “Old Bill” Fullerton, Manotick

2000, Jim Cayford, Barrhaven

2001, George Fowler, Iroquois

2001, Henry Atsienhanonne Arquette, Akwesasne

2002, John Kerr-Wilson, Ompah

2003, Ray & Ruth Fortune, Almonte

2004, Wayne D. Young, Cornwall

2005, Peter M. Murray, Gananoque

2006, F. Henry Lickers, Akwesasne

2007, Edwin H. White, Marcellus, New York and Brian A. Barkley, Elma

2008, Richard David, Akwesasne

2009, Dave Chapeskie, Spencerville

2010, Dave Neave, Nepean

2011, William (Bill) Hall, Renfrew

2012, Martin Streit, Morrisburg and Jim Hendry, South Stormont

2013, Jim McCready, Carleton Place

2014, Laird Nelson, Belleville

2015, Eric Boysen, Maberly and Cathy Nielsen, Brockville

2016, Margaret George, Akwesasne

2017, Wade Knight, Ashton and Tom Richardson, Perth

2018, Scott Davis, Peterborough

2019, Barb Boysen, Maberly and Rose Fleguel, Kemptville

The Heartwood Award

2005 Sally Hamilton, Kemptville

2006 John P. Wilson, Kemptville

2007 Tony Bull, Ottawa

2008 Alf Campbell, Kemptville

2008 Jim Gilmour, Watson’s Corners

2009 Hans Ottens, Maberly

2010 Achille Drouin, Casselman

2011 Don Schell, Tatlock

2012 Kerry Coleman, Oxford Mills

2013 J. Peter Hall, Gloucester,

2014, Dorothy Hamilton, Cornwall

2015, Pieter Leenhouts, Ottawa

2016, Fred Huszarik, Almonte

2017, Jean-Claude Havard, Plantagenet

2018, Karen Brown, Delta

2019,  Ann Bull, Ottawa, Marie-Andrée Drouin, Casselman and Leila S. Havard, Plantagenet

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Achille Drouin
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Alf Campbell
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Barb Boysen
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Brian Barkley
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Cathy Nielsen
Image is not available
Dave Neave
Image is not available
Fred Huszarik
Image is not available
Henry Lickers
Image is not available
Jim Gilmour
Image is not available
John Wilson
Image is not available
Laird Nelson
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Margaret George
Image is not available
Pieter Leenhouts
Image is not available
Ruth & Ray Fortune
Image is not available
George Fowler
Image is not available
Richard David
Image is not available
Rose Fleguel
Image is not available
Scott Davis
Image is not available
Tom Richardson
Image is not available
Tony Bull
Image is not available
Wade Knight
Image is not available
Kerry Coleman
Image is not available
Sally Hamilton
Image is not available
Sandra Lawn
Image is not available
Jim Hendry and Martin Streit
Image is not available
Jim McCready
Image is not available
Ann Bull
Image is not available
Leila Havard
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Dorothy Hamilton
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Marie-Andrée Drouin
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Wayne Young
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Jim Cayford
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Peter Murray
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