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This presentation, along with a primer on biodiversity, are a set of natural indicators -- plants and animals -- whose presence you can track over time. By following these indicators over time, you'll be able to measure the health and diversity of your woodlot.

Chain of Custody is the path taken by raw materials, processed materials and products, from a certified forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. It provides an opportunity for forest product producers to become certified to the internationally recognized standards for responsible forest management developed by the FSC.

Forest certification is a voluntary, market-based concept. Forest certification ensures that forest owners, practitioners, and operators comply with established and sustainable management standards. This document provides a guide for woodlot owners interested in certification.

Forest Certification uses third-party auditors to ensure that forest managers, practitioners, and operators comply with established standards for sustainable forest management.

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FSC Principles

This document provides an overview of the 10 FSC Principles.

Five stories from private woodlot owners and their journey to certification.

Profiles of the 7 certified community forests of eastern Ontario, examining the management of each forest.

This brochure discusses the benefits of forest certification.

This brochure examines the opportunities for market access and economic return from a sustainably managed forest.

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