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Latest Publications

  • EOMF 2015 Annual Report
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  • Fostering the Provisioning of Ecosystem Services by Private Landowners
    Fostering the Provisioning of Ecosystem Services by Private Landowners

    In eastern Ontario, as elsewhere, private rural landowners have come under mounting pressure to deliver upon conservation goals that are important to all of society.  This thesis explores and assesses the viability of a range of governance approaches in recognizing and fostering the provisioning of ecosystem services by private landowners.  The Eastern Ontario Model Forest serves as the backdrop for the research.  Through a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews the research assesses the interests of private landowners, and program and policy professionals, for a range of ecosystem services governance mechanisms.  Opportunities are considered, as are potential hurdles to instituting them.  The thesis also develops a set of high-level design features, or building blocks, envisioned as preconditions for building an effectual ecosystem services governance framework in the local context. 

    More information on recognizing landowner contributions to ecological goods & services


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