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Welcome to the
Eastern Ontario Model Forest!

As one of 15 model forests in the Canadian Model Forest Network, the Eastern Ontario Model Forest works with government, landowners, industry, First Nations, non-government organizations and others to develop new ways to sustain and manage our forest resources.  The EOMF champions the belief that we all have a stake in ensuring that the environmental, economic, cultural and social values of eastern Ontario's forests are maintained for the benefit of all, now and in the future.  The EOMF, a not-for-profit, charitable organization, is proud to be a participant in the Forest Communities Program.

Latest EOMF News

  • Eastern Ontario Model Forest Continues its Work!

    For the past twenty years the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) has brought together stakeholders from different interest groups to research, implement, and practice sustainable forest management principles. The EOMF is a unique forum for landowners, industry, First Nations, government, organizations, and others to meet and work together to sustain and manage our forest resources.

    The Board of Directors of the EOMF met on March 20th, 2014.  An important focus of the meeting was to review the financial status of EOMF following a re-organization to reflect the withdrawal of our Canadian Forest Service funding.


    It is with great enthusiasm, the Board would like to announce that with our new restructured organization they have positioned themselves to continue into the future with a stable and well-balanced program. “To ensure ongoing stability, we have elected to manage our finances on a rolling three year time frame.  We believe this three-year time horizon  will allow us the opportunity to grow in new ways; our objective being to extend our time horizon indefinitely”, says Jim McCready, President of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest. 


  • Long Point Region Conservation Authority joins the EOMF Forest Certification Program

    Long Point Region Conservation Authority (LPRCA) has recently achieved Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification through the Forest Certification Program of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF). The FSC is an international, membership- based, non-profit organization that supports environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

    Scott Davis, Forest Certification Coordinator for the EOMF discussed the importance of the certification: "LPRCA has a very high use rate and is a forest that has many values – such values range from timber production and recreational enjoyment to hunting opportunities and nature appreciation for local residents. The LPRCA certification will hopefully lead to a network of certified forests forming on the landscape of southern Ontario. There is a positive movement towards certified forest products in that region and the EOMF has been working to assist LPRCA to achieve FSC certification."

  • New Chain of Custody Certification Funding Program Announced

    The EOMF is pleased to announce a new project that will offer generous funding to the first three eligible forest-based businesses that want to take this opportunity to become Chain of Custody (CoC) certified.  To help offset CoC certification preperation and assessment costs, three primary and/or secondary wood manufacturers located within Hastings County and South Algonquin can now take advantage of a new CoC Certification Funding Program.

    For a limited time, the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF), in partnership with the Community Futures Development Corporation of North & Central Hastings and South Algonquin, will reimburse each of three companies most or all of its CoC certification costs - up to a maximum of $3,000.

  • Learning about the Peri-Urban Forest at the Christmas Seminar

    By Dr. J. Peter Hall

    The annual Christmas Forest Seminar, co-sponsored by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest and the Ottawa Valley Section of the Canadian Institute of Forestry was held in Kemptville and attended by sixty EOMF and CIF members and the general public. Once again we feasted on all the Christmas foods and listened to presentations about the peri-urban forest.

    After the traditional welcome from the Mohawk First Nations Community, the CIF and the Model Forest we heard about the peri-urban forest and its place in the forest science continuum from Ken Farr of the Canadian Forest Service. The term peri-urban forest was new to many of the audience and Ken was able to describe it for us and explain how the term evolved and how it is becoming more widely used in the forest community, nationally and internationally.

  • In Memoriam: Leo Paul Andre

    We are saddened to report on the passing last fall of one of the grand old gentlemen of the eastern Ontario forest industry. Leo Andre was a major wood supplier to Domtar and local sawmills for over 60 years. He was also part owner of the Sand Road Sugar Camp maple syrup operation. He was a board member of EOMF from 2008 to 2011, and also served on the board of the Forest Products Accident Prevention Association.

    Leo was known to everyone for his hard work, kindly demeanour and business acumen. As a young man, at the end of the day when everyone else had finished work he would load his truck with gravel to make sure he was ready to start bright and early the next morning. His logging business and legacy is carried on today by his son Pierre.

    Our condolences go out to his wife Isabelle and his children. He will be greatly missed by all of us.  To view his online obituary please click HERE

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