About Us

Vision & Objectives

Our Vision

Naturalized Knowledge Systems principles, as embodied in the Haudenosaunee culture, serve as the foundation for the EOMF’s vision and governance structure. The principles of respect, equity and empowerment are embraced as fundamental in nurturing effective and enduring partnerships.

Our vision of forests for seven generations is a sustainable landscape valued by all communities.

Our Objectives

Objective 1
To work with communities (including industry, government, First Nations) and other stakeholders to develop new – and advance existing – forest-based opportunities.

Objective 2
To work with communities to pilot ideas, conduct research and develop integrated, multi-sector approaches—based on science and innovation—that enable them to respond to a forest sector in transition and to build community capacity.

Objective 3
To develop and share sustainable forest management knowledge, practices, tools, and experiences with international forest-dependent communities in keeping with Canada’s international forest agenda.

More Information

For further information on our vision and objectives, download our Strategic Plan in the Publications section of the website.