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Rainforest Alliance - Forest Management 2017 Annual Audit for Eastern Ontario Forest Group

The purpose of this report is to document annual audit conformance of Eastern Ontario Forest Group, hereafter referred to as Forest Management Enterprise (FME). The report presents the findings of Rainforest Alliance auditors who have evaluated company systems and performance against the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) forest management standards and policies. Section 2 of this report provides the audit conclusions and any necessary follow-up actions by the company through nonconformity reports.

What you need to know about the management of the Emerald Ash Borer

This booklet has been designed for homeowners and other people who need to manage the emerald ash borer within an infested urban area. It will help you determine if you have ash trees on your property and if they have been infested by the emerald ash borer. We recommend that if you suspect your tree or neighbourhood is infested with emerald ash borer, that you consider management options including pesticide treatment or tree removal without delay. This booklet will provide you with information to guide your decisions.

Rainforest Alliance/SmartWood Locally adapted Standards for Assessing Forest Management in the Great Lakes/Saint- Lawrence region

The purpose of these standards is to provide forest managers, landowners, forest industry, scientists, environmentalists and the general public with information on the aspects of forest management operations that SmartWood evaluates to make certification decisions in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification system.

Forest and Chain of Custody Certification Guidebook 2012

Forest and chain of custody (CoC) certification has become common practice throughout Canada and is a fast-growing global trend. Consumers want more than the basic considerations of price, quality and service – they want assurance of the sustainability of a resource. In order to capitalize on the opportunities for Ontario wood producers and forest owners and managers, the EOMF has developed this guide to provide accessible information about certification.

Forest Management Certification for Forest Pracitioners

Chain of Custody Certification for Maple Syrup Producers: Enhancing Opportunities for Market Access and Economic Return

Sirop d'érable et certification forestière - Une combinaison agréable!

Maple Syrup and Forest Certification - A Sweet Combination

Profiles of Certified Community Forests in Eastern Ontario

Private Woodlot Certification: Stories from Eastern Ontario

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