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After many years of promoting good forest management with modest impact, the certification program offered a new and better approach. It provides the landowner with excellent management advice, third party recognition for good forest management and the prospect of better return for harvested timber. The FSC program is suitable for the smaller woodlot owner, the EOMF provides a means to act on behalf of the woodlot owners and I was pleased to actively promote this program during my tenure as President of EOMF. Due to the hard work of many people the program is a success and I am pleased to have been and continue to be a part of this very worthwhile program

Ray Fortune - Fortune Farms Sugar Bush Ltd.

Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_8.46.50_AMCaring for the bush and its inhabitants and outdoor experiences in all seasons and weather, both severe and benign, has greatly enriched our lives, if not our pocketbooks.

Tony and Ann Bull

Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_9.11.12_AMSpecial thanks also for your ongoing support through workshops and special projects such as the Chain of Custody certification program.

Achille and Marie-Andrée Drouin

Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_9.10.21_AMCertification standards reflect what they expect from us; certification of our woodlots demonstrates we hear them and invites them to follow.

Gerry Lee

Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_9.06.12_AMAnother highly significant woodlot management benefit to us of the certification process has been the services provided through the EOMF sponsorship of the certification process and the resulting EOCFO group.

Albert and Shirley Treichel

Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_9.14.28_AMIf you’re a woodlot owner in eastern Ontario and not a member of the EOMF, I encourage you to join.

Carleton Family Forest