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Please find attached the International 2011 issue of the Forest Communities Program (FCP) Newsletter. This international issue of the newsletter was prepared specifically for the Model Forest Global Forum held in Spain, in March 2011 to share successes of projects and activities undertaken internationally by FCP sites in partnership with other Model Forests around the world. International projects and activities featured in this issue include short rotation forestry in Ontario and New York State, research on adaptation to climate change in circumboreal forests, development of ethno-cultural tourism in Costa Rica, and much more. 

English pdf: NRCan_Layout_v5_ENGLISH_final.pdf
French pdf: NRCan_Layout_v5_FRENCH_final.pdf

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Southern Ontario is a settled landscape, consisting mainly of privately-owned forested, farm and urban land, where, for the most part, landowners have a relatively wide latitude of options when it comes to making decisions about what happens on that land.  This is the way it should be; landowners making decisions about what they want to do with their land – farm it, cut trees on it, plant trees on it, live on it, along with countless other possibilities that await folks working toward accomplishing their individual property objectives.

One of the most important roles that the EOMF continues to play is to help landowners make informed decisions about what to do on their properties and how to do it.  Our influence comes through partnerships, information sharing, and programs in which participation is always voluntary. Governments, on the other hand, have a different role to play and manage societal values by influencing property-level decision making though a combination of regulation and programs.

EOMF would like to introduce you to our online Blog that we hope will be a great way of creating a constructive and open discussion on topics of interest to the EOMF, our partners, and forest-dependent communities. To add your voice to the most recent topic on Forest Conversion, or any other topic that appears on our Blog, please simply click this link and type in your comments under the appropriate article. It may take a day or two for it to appear so check back often to see yours and other people's comments:

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Please join us for the EOMF's 19th Annual General Meeting and our special presentations that revolve around the theme "Glimpses of History: Our Forestry Culture". Members and guests alike are all welcome to join us as we follow our brief morning business meeting and awards presentation with two different perspectives on the historical evolution of how we have interacted with our forests in Eastern Ontario. Dave Lemkay will be showcasing how the infamous lumber baron J.R. Booth made his socio-economic impact on the landscape and forest industry with the construction of 'his' railroad, and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne will be featuring a glimpse of how their people traditionally used and communed with the forest. This in addition to the usual great food and company that marks our annual Spring gathering

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, June 16 and join us at the Old Town Hall in Almonte from 9:00 to 1:30ish. Click here to view our Event page to find more details including an Agenda with map: Event: EOMF AGM.   Follow the simple instructions to register online, or, contact Mary.

$15 for Members and $25 for Non-Members includes lunch and morning coffee. Hope to see you there!

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