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Consumer Fact Sheet for Certified Producers

What does the logo on our syrup products indicate?Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_10.18.22_AM

Today, more than ever, consumers want to know that the products they are buying are ethically sourced and don’t come at an unnecessary cost to the environment or society. The logo you see on our syrup products demonstrates our commitment to you, our customers, that we care about the long-term health and sustainability of our sugar bush.

This logo indicates that products we sell have been certified to a high standard that balances all the environmental, social and economic values of the forest from which it originated. Just like many of the forest products you can find at your local building supply centre that bear a similar label, our forest management practices and our maple products have been certified by third-party auditors against a strict internationally recognized standard.

This label proves that our sugar bush management practices are sustainable.Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_10.19.44_AM

For you, the consumer, we hope that you will learn more about forest certification and all the benefits it offers. Take comfort in the fact that the product you are buying has come from a responsibly managed forest.

For more information on forest certification, please visit:

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest is a strong proponent of forest certification – we proudly support landowners, forest managers, and sugar bush operators in their endeavours to be better stewards of the environmental resources to which they have tenure. Our goal is to help build new and stronger markets for certified products that bring tangible economic, social and environmental benefits to our region and the people who live in it.

For more information read  Maple Syrup and Forest Certification.