Core Activities

Ontario East Wood Centre

logoThe EOMF continues to make significant progress on its most ambitious project: work to facilitate the establishment of the Ontario East Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park (OEWC & EIP) in the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. The OEWC & EIP is envisioned as a thriving best practices centre of excellence for wood fibre-based and biomass enterprise that brings technology, science and entrepreneurship together in support of the rural economy of Ontario, sustainable forests and sustainable communities.

aerial_shot_of_wood_centre_locationThe centre will be composed of two elements. One is an area dedicated to businesses choosing to locate in the eco-industrial park. It is expected that these businesses would be largely, but not exclusively, wood-based and be organized to connect to other businesses in a way that is ecologically sound.  GreenField Ethanol, a corn-based (not yet wood-based) business, has declared its wish to be considered a key anchor to the eco-industrial park. The other element is the Ontario Wood Science and Innovation Centre (Wood Centre). A business case prepared by Queen’s University (April 2009) describes it as, “a research hub around which major developments in wood related sustainable energy and biocomposites are centred.”  This concept has been well developed over a number of years as  partnership effort of the EOMF and the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. 

Formally incorporated in March of 2010, the corporate goals of the OEWC are:  

1) The encouragement of a forest and biomass based and innovation-inspired cluster of industrial, business and demonstration projects in an ecologically sound environment;

2) Facilitation of a platform for scientific collaboration, business development, demonstration, piloting, commercialization, exporting and marketing of a wide array of innovative value-added wood and biomass products, including but not limited to: (i) solid wood building components, (ii) biochemicals, and (iii) bioenergy;

3) Assistance to the forest industry in creating uses for underutilized, lower value wood in eastern Ontario and the region; and,

4) Participation in the restructuring of the forest industry of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest for the benefit of rural communities and in partnership with a variety of organizations, academic institutions, individuals and agencies with compatible goals.

Support in developing the Wood Centre has been provided by federal and provincial government departments, and especially Queen’s University and the University of Toronto.  Memoranda of understanding have been established with four community colleges that have an interest in how the Wood Centre can contribute to their student teaching objectives. The Wood Centre has sponsored a number of key projects by Queen's University students and professors and has facilitated interaction with potential business and industry partners.


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