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Canadian Model Forest Network

Model Forests of Canada

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cmfn-logo-vertThe EOMF is a founding and proud member of the Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN).  The CMFN represents 15 member organizations nationally, as shown on this map.

The CMFN is a multi-stakeholder, collaborative partnership.  Within the CMFN there are over 500 partners nation-wide including representatives from: aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities; industry; government (municipal, provincial and federal); non-government organizations; and research and education institutions.  With input from this broad range of interests, the CMFN generates information and knowledge and creates practical tools for forest communities – with a particular emphasis on enabling communities to respond effectively to current forest sector challenges in a changing global forest economy.

The CMFN is currently focused on seven National Initiatives that, while broad in scale, serve to address local concerns.  These include:

  • Bioenergy
  • Canadian Circumboreal Program
  • Community Transition and Development
  • Ecological Goods & Services
  • International Knowledge Transfer
  • Non-timber Forest Products
  • Youth Education and Training

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EOMF and CMFN:  Strengthening Model Forest Activities Nationally

The EOMF works closely with the Canadian Model Forest Network on a number of fronts.  Some highlights of the work we’ve done over the past year with the CMFN include:

  • Providing leadership for the Bioenergy National Initiative and helping to spearhead a collaborative proposal to develop a bioenergy self-assessment guidebook for rural communities in Canada
  • Serving as a member of the Ecological Goods and Services working group, and helping with the writing of a major funding proposal entitled Building Rural Community Capacity for Ecological Goods & Services Enhancement in Mixed Farm, Forest and Woodlot Landscapes of Canada.
  • Providing support to national communications and outreach activities
  • Facilitating a regional workshop on indicators appropriate for measuring progress and change in forest communities across Canada