Core Activities

Communications & Outreach

Inspiring and fostering community efforts in support sustainable forests (and healthy, vibrant forest communities) relies heavily on effective communications and outreach activities.  And, given the nature of our work, communicating effectively with a diverse array of audiences is vital.  The Communications Committee, supported by a Communications Coordinator, has primary responsibility for guiding the development and delivery of our overall Communications & Outreach Plan.

Communications & Outreach Activities

outreach02Our suite of communications and outreach activities is diverse – a reflection of the equally diverse partnerships that define our work.  In addition to serving as the connecting filament or ‘glue’ in delivering several annual partnership-based outreach events in eastern Ontario, the EOMF plays an active role in producing and disseminating various information materials and products.  Sharing new tools and approaches developed through our partnership activities forms another area of focus.

More specific examples of communications and outreach activities include:outreach01

  • Co-hosting and co-organizing the Kemptville Winter Woodlot Conference, the Forest Fair of Eastern Ontario, and the annual Christmas Forest Seminar
  • Assisting with activities in support of National Forest Week
  • Participating in strategic events (conferences, trade shows) to share messages about sustainable forestry 
  • Hosting and organizing other special events (e.g., forums and lunch-and-learn sessions) 
  • Helping partners in the delivery of Envirothon, a high school environmental education program and competition
  • Producing Spring, Fall and Winter editions of Forestry Forum
  • Developing and disseminating practical guidebooks and manuals (e.g., Species at Risk guidebook, Invasive Species manual, Choosing the Right Tree
  • Coordinating and assisting with communications requirements of the Regional Forest Health Network, as well as the Canadian Model Forest Network and the International Model Forest Network
  • Hosting meetings and tours with delegations and visitors from abroad as a Model Forest Ambassador
  • Spearheading partner and member building campaigns
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with community outreach events (and other EOMF activities)

Key Messages in Support of our Communications & Outreach Objectives

  • The EOMF is a meeting place for ideas to come to fruition – it’s “Where the forest community’s ideas and actions take shape.”
  • The EOMF is working closely with partners and communities to ensure forests for seven generations.
  • The EOMF is a source of inspiration, creativity, and innovation for communities.
  • The EOMF, with its partners, is producing credible information products and tools in support of sustainable forests and healthy, vibrant forest communities.

Reach and Target Audiences

Our reach is best described as encompassing several Spheres of Influence.  These range from a sphere of concentration – a core area in which we work closely with local communities to develop, test and apply processes and tools on the ground – to a sphere of exchange involving much more focused and strategic activities at the global level.  This approach builds on our history of working effectively with diverse communities and partners both within and far beyond the geographic boundaries of the EOMF.  To learn more about our Spheres of Influence click here.  Target audiences across these Spheres of Influence are wide-ranging, spanning private landowners (woodlot owners, farmers, non-farm rural residents), First Nations, government, forest industry, educational and research institutions, non-government organizations, private foundations, forest practitioners, forest entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the public.