Core Activities

Model Forest Ambassador

ambassadorAlongside other model forests and Forest Communities Program (FCP) sites across the country, we play an important role in fostering the building of relationships with forest-dependent communities around the globe – sharing how model forest concepts and principles are contributing to sustainable forests and healthy, vibrant forest communities.  Given our close proximity to Ottawa (and headquarters for both the Canadian Model Forest Network and the International Model Forest Network ), we are often called upon to host international delegations and visitors from abroad.  While our geographies and social contexts may be vastly different in some cases, we always find there is much to learn from one another.  We also recognize the mutual benefits and synergies arising from working with others elsewhere in the world – whether mentoring in forest certification approaches, collaborating on themes of mutual interest, or hosting internships.

Mapping the points of origin of visitors we’ve hosted over the years is a telling exercise – the coverage is pretty comprehensive!  Russia, China, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Cameroon, Australia, Armenia . . . and so the list goes on.