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Extending our Knowledge

Achieving forest certification for small, fragmented woodlots in the absence of a structured forest owners group is a challenging task.  Differing objectives among forest owners as well as the complexities of achieving landscape-level targets set out in the regional standards make the certification of such woodlots difficult.  The EOMF has been successful in bringing together many partners and forest owners to achieve Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification.  Much of this success can be attributed to the positive relationships that the EOMF has forged with all involved – and the fact that the EOMF is a non-threatening organization that puts the forest and forest owners first.  This success also reflects our philosophy of openly sharing and extending our knowledge and experience with others interested in pursuing forest certification.

IMG_1061From Nova Scotia to Wisconsin to Russia, we have shared our forest certification experiences and information resources.  The EOMF prides itself on freely and widely transferring practical products for use and uptake by others.  Extending our knowledge also takes the form of mentoring FSC certificate applicants, delivering training sessions, hosting interactive workshops on FSC certification, and guiding others through the process of achieving FSC certification.

 Below are some useful reference materials that the EOMF has developed:

  1. EOMF Forest Certification Policy & Procedures Manual (Dec. 2014)
  2. A Guide to FSC Certification for Community Forests in Ontario
  3. A Guide to Chain of Custody Certification for Forest Product Producers
  4. A Chain of Custody Toolkit for Forest Product Producers
  5. A Guide to FSC Certification for Private Woodlots in Ontario

The EOMF has seen the demand for FSC-certified forest products increase, and participation and support from product producers is increasing.  Forest certification in the EOMF has evolved from a platform to implement responsible forest management to a market-driven approach that is providing forest product producers with enhanced access to niche markets and expanding their customer base.  The EOMF sees FSC certification not as an ends, but rather as a means that supports responsible forest management – one that balances ecological, social, cultural and economic values.