Core Activities

Recognizing Landowner Contributions

In the face of escalating public demands for environmental protection, private landowners are under mounting pressure to deliver ecological goods and services (EG&S).  Yet few mechanisms are in place to recognize or reward such contributions; the burden of responsibility is carried largely on the shoulders of private landowners while society at large reaps the benefits.

EGS02The EOMF is exploring with its many partners opportunities for better recognizing and rewarding the contributions that private landowners make in providing and safeguarding ecological goods and services.  A series of focus group sessions and workshops with both private landowners and environmental program delivery professionals are underway, with the aim of identifying how best to proceed in developing a workable, community-supported EG&S program framework suitable for possible trial in the EOMF area.  These focus group sessions and workshops are opening up a much-needed dialogue in eastern Ontario on the range of ways in which landowners might be recognized and rewarded for their role in stewarding the land, as well as societal responsibilities for supporting such efforts.  In particular, the research is providing an avenue for assessing the likely acceptability of different mechanisms for rewarding the provision of EG&S, their deliverability or feasibility of implementation in practical terms, and their likely effectiveness in fostering the provision of EG&S.

In pursuing these lines of inquiry and getting various perspectives on the table, the EOMF is playing a critical role in helping to inform EG&S program and policy development.