Core Activities

Habitat Modelling

Red-shouldered_Hawk-smPredicting habitat supply and locating areas of potential Species at Risk (SAR) habitat are essential first steps in recovery planning.  Having good information on which to base models and maps is critical to the accuracy and acceptance of GIS-related techniques as tools in recovery planning. A great deal of effort has gone into vegetation surveys and ecological land classification (ELC) modeling over the past several years, building up a solid information base in eastern Ontario.

The EOMF continues to enhance this information base, carrying out vegetation surveys on both public and private lands.  These efforts are being undertaken in tandem with work to validate habitat models for Species at Risk. Validating the existing ELC vegetation layer through field data collection is helping to identify data gaps/needs, and is enabling us to test the predictive capacity for modeling SAR habitat.  Verification of the habitat suitability models is allowing for more refined models to be implemented over time, improving decision making and furthering species at risk stewardship efforts in eastern Ontario.