Core Activities

Naturalized Knowledge Systems

Naturalized Knowledge Systems principles, as embodied in the Haudenosaunee culture, serve as the foundation for the EOMF’s vision and governance structure.  The basic tenets of Naturalized Knowledge Systems are as follows:nks

  1. The Earth is our Mother.
  2. Cooperation is the way to survive.
  3. Knowledge is powerful, only if it is shared.
  4. Responsibility is the best practice.
  5. Everything is connected to everything.
  6. Place is important.
  7. The Spiritual World is not distant from the Earth.


The principles of respect, equity and empowerment are embraced as fundamental in nurturing effective and enduring partnerships – i.e., in generating the ‘Zeal to Deal.’

Principles and Tools of Naturalized Knowledge Systems

TOOLS Understanding Finances Application
Communication Knowledge Authorship
Consensus Networks Credibility
Mediation Personnel Partnership
Honour Social Power Responsibility

Source:  F. Henry Lickers, Environmental Science Officer, Department of the Environment,Mohawk Council of Akwesasne


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