Core Activities

First Nations Engagement

firstnations01As our embrace of the slogan ‘forests for seven generations’ suggests, the work of the EOMF has been strongly shaped by learnings and understandings shared with us by our First Nations partners.  In particular, the environmental philosophies of the Haudenosaunee people, with their emphasis on cooperation and Naturalized Knowledge Systems principles, guide our day-today operations and our longer-term vision for the forests of eastern Ontario.


Some areas in which we are working closely with First Nations include:Document6

  • Efforts to bridge ‘Western’ science and naturalized (community-based) knowledge – as complementary approaches in our forest science-related work
  • Responding to forest health challenges (e.g., the arrival of emerald ash borer in eastern Ontario – a major concern for the Mohawk community of Akwesasne with its multi-million dollar basket-making industry)
  • Assisting with black ash regeneration/preservation efforts and basket-making workshops
  • Efforts to address concerns related to species at risk that have particular cultural significance (e.g., butternut, various species of turtles)
  • Mentoring international forest-dependent communities in Naturalized Knowledge Systems principles
  • Sharing ‘Life Skills on the Land’ teachings with school-aged children