Core Activities


bioenergy01Not since the 1970s oil crisis has there been such a strong interest in using the forest as feedstock beyond traditional paper and solid wood products. An intensive search is on to find climate change-friendly energy sources. Ongoing research and development in the realm of bioenergy, and more recently bioproducts, shows potential for commercialization and is providing the knowledge needed to forge ahead in innovative ways. An apparently available supply of forest biomass is seen as real opportunity for the forest-dependent communities of eastern Ontario. Building connections and being the ‘honest broker’ for the forest is the perfect role for the EOMF.

The EOMF is working with local communities on several bioenergy-related fronts. These include:bioenergy02

  • Assisting forest-based communities in the Ottawa and Seaway Valleys in realizing opportunities for forest sector recovery through access to new fibre-based markets
  • Fostering opportunities in Renfrew County for investment in combined heat and power (CHP) operations that use local sources of wood fibre
  • Assisting Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in accessing sustainably sourced wood fibre from private lands, as the corporation implements its plan to convert two of its coal-fired generating stations to burn woody biomass
  • Sharing the message that ‘Wood is Good’ through various communications tools
  • Assisting with the development and piloting of a bioenergy guidebook for forest-based communities in Canada in partnership with other model forest sites across the country
  • Facilitating a change in the provincial feed-in-tariff (FIT) rate to one that more appropriately favours woody biomass as an alternative energy source