Get Involved with the EOMF

If you think that forests and the communities that rely upon them are an important part of life in our region, and you want to see the landscape continue to provide balanced environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits now and into the future, please consider getting involved with the EOMF by making a donation, becoming a member or corporate sponsor, attending an event, and/or volunteering your time.

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest is pleased to offer our friends, partners, and supporters with six new ways to  support the EOMF!  These are: Annual Membership; Corporate Sponsorship; One-Time Donations; Special Occasions; Monthly Giving; and, Living Legacy.  All categories of giving offer you or your organization a variety of category-specific benefits.   Donations over $25 are eligible for a valuable charitable tax receipt.  Please click Ways to Give, on the menu to the left, to get an overview of these categories, or click the category name that interests you.  All contributions can be done in minutes online using our secure online payment system.

Your ongoing financial support is most appreciated and needed more than ever as our core Forest Communities Program funding draws to a close.  We continue to be very grateful for all of the volunteer, in-kind and moral support we’ve steadfastly received from so many over the years, and do also need these important and highly valued non-financial contributions into the future as well. 

Another great way to participate is to attend some of the gatherings and workshops that we host and co-organize with our many partners.  Educational, enlightening, and fun, these events are a great place to learn about forestry-related issues in eastern Ontario, and are also a great way to meet interesting people and make new friends. Check out the Event Calendar often to stay abreast of upcoming events, or become a member and join our mailing list.

We rely upon volunteers to help us get the job done and their invaluable contributions are most appreciated.  Many of our volunteers have been working alongside us for years and gain their own untold benefits by knowing they’re making a difference to an organization that strives to make a difference in our communities.  Please click the Volunteer button at left to learn more about opportunities for volunteering with the EOMF.

We heartily welcome your involvement!