Forest Management Featured

In addition to the extensive information on best practices in forest management that is part and parcel of our Forest Certification Program, or that can be found in our Publications section, we also receive new information and tips from time to time from outside organizations.  Here is where we post those articles to pass onto our readers.

From the Southern Ontario Forest Interests Network:



From Cornell University in New York State:

Cornell has a very active Cooperative Extension program called ForestConnect.  Part of their educational offerings include free webinars on a broad range of forest-related topics geared towards private landowners (e.g., harvesting techniques, emerald ash borer, succession planning, wildlife management).  "The ForestConnect Forestry Internet Seminar Series uses web conferencing technology to provide research-based and unbiased information to forest owners and others interested in private forest lands management.  Broadcasts occur on the third Wednesday of each month, once at noon and a repeat live broadcast at 7:00 pm Eastern time. Each broadcast is scheduled to run an hour, although questions and answers may take additional time. The noon broadcast is saved and may be viewed at this site using the links below."   Please visit the following link for more information and to register:

Cornell also offers a Sugar Maple Research & Extension Program targeted at maple syrup producers.  This program also features a free webinar series.  For more information visit: 

Links to other webinars that you may find useful: