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2011 Annual Christmas Forest Seminar - Please Join Us on Dec 14!

The Annual Christmas Forest Seminar is approaching fast, Wednesday December 14th, and space is limited so please register now to avoid disappointment! 

This year's theme is "International Year of update and Canada's place". This is our contribution and celebration of the United Nations declaring 2011 the International Year of Forests.  We look forward to hearing what our informed speakers will be saying about the big picture on a global scale - and our place within it. We hope that you will join us on Wednesday, December 14 at Purvis Hall on the Kemptville Campus of the University of Guelph for a morning of insightful presentations and discussions, topped off by a hot turkey buffet lunch! 

For more details and to register online please click HERE, or contact Mary at 613-258-8241.

This informative event has become a traditional and much-anticipated gathering for those interested in a focused and circumspect investigation of topical forest-related issues, challenges and opportunities.  It's also a great occassion to touch base with colleagues and friends, and meet new acquaintances, in a relaxed and festive atmosphere prior to the holiday season.  We hope to see you there!