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Forest Pest Management Forum Starts Tuesday!

The Forest Pest Management Forum will mark its 58th anniversary at the 2010 meeting running from Tuesday, November 30 to Thursday, December 2. Hosted by Natural Resources Canada, this annual event  is the largest and most significant gathering of forest pest management experts, managers and practitioners in Canada.  Highlights of the 2010 forum include discussions on urban pest management, pests of forested stands, and socio-economic aspects of forest protection.  Invasive species (such as emerald ash borer and Asian gypsy moth) and native pests (such as mountain pine beetle) will be discussed.

This event addresses timely issues of national and international significance.  Wednesday will be EAB Day.  Still true to its early origins, the forum is the point of contact for pest managers and specialists from across the country to share information about pest conditions, forecasts, operations, and the latest research and technology.


The EOMF manages the registrations for this event.  For more information and to register visit our Event details by clicking this link:

Forest Pest Management Forum 2010_Registration and Details