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Invasive Species Featured

common_buckthornEastern Ontario’s settled landscape supports a wide diversity of life, however, not all the species belong here.  Some species are introduced from other parts of the world, after having been relocated from their native habitat and range into a new and different ecosystem.  Fortunately for us, the majority of these newcomers do not cause significant harm; they blend into the background along with the multitude of native species that make up our local flora and fauna.  Regrettably, some introduced species do become a problem – increasing in numbers to a point where they cause significant social, economic or environmental harm.

The EOMF is working closely with partners to raise awareness and understanding of invasive species, as well as to share practical information on managing forests in the presence of invasive species.  Information materials on invasive species are available through the Caring for Your Land Workshop Series.  Another useful resource is a manual that we’ve developed entitled Invasive Species: Management Options for the Ontario Landowner . The Regional Forest Health Network is also active in outreach and science activities related to invasive species.